"I had been working toward my goal of doing a physique photo shoot. The time came for me to get 'dialed in.' I was very careful in consideration of who I was going to confide in and hire as my coach. I was especially so after my setback to surgery and truly needed someone knowledgeable. I decided upon Kristine Loock. Kristine took the time to understand my needs and goal. She developed a meal plan and was very knowledgeable, attentive, patient and above all supportive. She answered every inquiry and additional follow-ups to those inquiries. Needless to say she helped me to stay focused and attain my goal. 

Though your goals may be different than mine, Kristine will take the to get a full understanding and formulate a plan for success for whatever your fitness goals may be. I enthusiastically recommend Kristine. Kudos and many thanks for your guidance." - Kevin D.

K Krush Fitness, LLC


"Without Kris in my corner I probably would be still fumbling around in my journey to a more healthy and strong physique. She's been extremely knowledgeable in helping me tailor my routines and diet to better suit my body (since everyone reacts different to exercising and dieting) and her responses are well thought out and educated. She responds quickly and professionally and makes you feel like you can do anything as long as you have discipline and drive to do so. I may not have her in person training with me but I honestly can say she's there in spirit and someone I look to for inspiration and that 'nudge' to pullout one more rep or lift me up when I'm losing focus. Thanks Kris for lighting my way." - Adrian A.

"Something amazing is happening to me right now!!!! I dropped 22 lbs from March 8, 2015 to June 28, 2015 and it was all through eating the right foods!!! I went from an actual confirmed weight on 2 medical scales from 173-150 as of today. I am 44 years old with gluten intolerance, severe Esophageal Reflux, Fibromyalgia and disk herniation at L4, L5 and S1. These conditions have afflicted me for years and have contributed to my inability to keep a consistent workout routine. These conditions and lack of understanding them and my body, led to me gaining 30 lbs since 2007. Every year in January, I would get on the scale and realize I have gained more weight. I always imagined that if I could take action right now at that moment, I may start to drop weight for the summer but the scale never moved! Kristine Loock is the BEST coach ever! Every Monday since I started with my numbers that Kristine provided to me, I get on the scale and see more weight gone. I have 10 more pounds to go to reach my goal of 140. Contacting Kristine had to be the hardest thing for me to do because I didn't think it was possible for me to look different. After all, I am older, more stuff going on and I will never be 18 again. I didn't even take a before and after photo because I didn't think I could do anything with myself. Little did I know that this turned out to be the easiest change of life to accomplish. Imagine this - I ate myself thinner!! That's right, I said it - I didn't have to starve myself. It is impossible for the numbers to fail as long as YOU stick with your allotted Macro-nutrients. Kristine makes it easy! She takes the guesswork out, lays out a plan and provides you with your numbers that you can easily find out what foods you are allowed to have based on your numbers ... I can tell you I have already had to pick up smaller clothes as my belts do not even fit any longer. My jeans look like they belong to someone else and it started to get embarrassing to wear them around. I think my feet may have also gotten smaller! My advice to anyone that says to themselves year after year that this will be the year to shed the weight, contact Kristine Loock first!!! She has the secret and will help you attain your personal weight loss  and body transformation goals. I can't thank you  enough Kristine. I feel lighter, everyone who sees me says I look amazing. I feel amazing and I have more confidence in myself now at 44 and 150 lbs than I did when I was 118 lbs at the age of 18. NO, I am not ashamed of my numbers because I know they will continue to fall!!!!!! Thank you so much Kristine for laying it all out for me, and making this as easy for me as possible ... I look forward to continue my journey or transformation with you as my coach." - Joanne, New City, NY