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K Krush Fitness, LLC

Kristine Skinner, PT, DPT, NASM-CPT, CES, PN Level 1 Certified

Hi, and welcome to my website! My name is Kristine and, like a lot of other women these days, I am super busy with my family and work, including my many roles as a medical professional (Doctor of Physical Therapy), personal trainer, pro natural competitor, and all-around fitness buff.

I have been an active individual pretty much all of my life, participating in numerous sports as a child. I dabbled in gymnastics, figure skating (realizing that I wasn't the most graceful child!), softball, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey, and I also used to be an avid runner.

Fast-forward a few (ahem) decades ... After the birth of my children, I was extremely unhappy with what pregnancy had done to my body. I began exercising again at home in hopes of regaining at least part of my pre-pregnancy body. Most of my workouts consisted of cardio and some light weights, and body-weight work (due to the lack of equipment that I had at home). When I was finally able to join a gym, that's when the magic happened. I started lifting heavier, doing less cardio, and eating a lot more. My body started taking on a fabulous new shape, fat was melting off, and I never looked or felt better.

In the spring of 2011, I entered my first competition and I haven't looked back. I've done many different types of preparation (all on my own) and learned several lessons (good and bad) along the way. I've been there and done that: too much cardio, too little cards, too strict in food choices, etc. The biggest lesson I've learned and would love to pass on to you is: competition or not, fitness is a lifestyle ... it's not a switch you flip when you're in competition mode or not. If you're miserable while trying to reach your goals, you're doing it wrong! Fitness needs to fit into your life, not the other way around. We're all busy, many of us have jobs, families, and other responsibilities that should not suffer because of our fitness goals. Let me help you reach your goals without sacrificing everything else. I can help you find the right program to fit your current lifestyle, learn how to eat properly to fuel your workouts without giving up all of the good stuff (seriously, you CAN have your cake and eat it too!), and reach your goals without resorting to extremes.

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Height: 5'4"

Contest Weight: 120

Off-season Weight: 135​

Contest History:

2017: NPC Team Universe: Open Figure, Master's Figure 40+

2016: NPC Northeast Summer Classic: 1st Place Open Figure A; 1st Place Master's Figure 40+

2013: WNBF Pro US Cup: 2nd Place Fit Body

2012: WNBF Pro US Cup: 2nd Place Fit Body

2012: INBF Northeast America: 1st Place & Overall Fit Body Short (earning WNBF Pro Card); 3rd Place Figure Short

2011: INBF Doc Brown Natural East Coast: 1st Place & Overall Fit Body; 3rd Place Figure Short

2011: INBF Northeast America: Overall Novice Figure; 2nd Place Fit Body