Training Packages


One-Time Program Set-Up  $50

If you need a change in your training program or you have a change in your goals (build muscle, burn fat, transform your body, etc.), I will develop a personalized program to fit your schedule, needs, equipment, and time. This service includes 2 weeks of full support via email or text.

Follow-Up Program  $25

This is an add-on service to the One-Time Set-Up. If you decide that you need further changes or adjustments anytime after the initial set-up.

Monthly Coaching: $75 for the first month & $40/month ongoing

This service includes initial program set-up plus full support for the month including program changes, weekly check-ins, and measurement tracking.

In-Person Training: $50/hour or $30/half-hour


Monthly Coaching: $100 for the first month & $50/month ongoing

After filling out a questionnaire, I will help you calculate the appropriate calories and macronutrients to reach your goals. This option includes a few sample meal plan ideas and food substitution lists plus measurement tracking and weekly check-ins with me. There is a full support provided via Skype, email or text provided for one month.

Training & Nutrition Combo

Monthly Coaching: $125 for the first month and $75/month ongoing

​This option includes everything as described above for training and nutrition plus full support for the month.

Competition Packages

$200/month includes training, nutrition, weekly check-ins, stage presentation tips, and everything else related to stepping on stage.

$100/month if you choose nutrition only or training

$50/hour for Stage Presentation & Posing - This is for female Figure or Physique/Fit-Body only! This can be in person or via Skype.

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